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Youth Blank WHITE T-Shirts

To order:

Order the number of t-shirts you need in single shirt increments. For example if you want 2 Dozen Small t-shirts, put 24 small t-shirts in your cart. You do not need to order clothing in even dozens.

Quantity discounts are given based on the total number of shirts you order. Due to the limitations of our shopping cart system, your quantity discount may not appear exactly correct. When you submit an order on this site, your credit card does not get charged "live" and if your order qualifies, we will make the necessary lower price adjustment for you when your order is processed. Simply order the shirts you need in each size and you will automatically receive the lowest price to which you are entitled.

The first time you add an item the shopping cart on this page might show nothing in it. Just click on the cart and you can see your item has been added- after that the cart will update for you automatically.

All our t-shirts are AAA brand which are our Favorite shirts to tie-dye! They are 100% heavyweight WHITE Cotton- preshrunk-full cut- outerwear Quality Shirts. They are sewn at the seams with poly thread so you will see some white seam threads, but Most tie-dyers do not care about that. People REALLY love the Quality of our shirts!

Name Price Qty  
Toddler Short Sleeve - 2T $2.50 each
Toddler Short Sleeve - 3T $2.50 each
Toddler Short Sleeve - 4T $2.50 each
Youth Short Sleeve - Small $2.57 Each
Youth Short Sleeve - Medium $2.57 Each
Youth Short Sleeve - Large $2.57 Each
Youth Long Sleeve T - Small $4.34 Each
Youth Long Sleeve T - Medium $4.34 Each
Youth Long Sleeve T - Large $4.34 Each